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These success stories are what fuels our passion for helping those with hearing loss. Each story represents the importance of our donors’ generosity and volunteers’ time.

A 35-year-old mom's journey with genetic hearing loss from birth

Meet Tate, a 35 year old mom living with a genetic hearing loss from birth. At age six, Tate was given one hearing aid by an organization giving children in need hearing aids in Armenia. But with her bilateral moderate to profound hearing loss, one hearing aid was not optimal for her hearing needs. What’s more, Tate’s one-year-old son was also born with the same genetic hearing loss and fortunately, was able to obtain hearing aids through HCCAP. However, Tate did not qualify herself.

Fortunately, HearAid Foundation was able to provide her with two new Oticon hearing aids. She was very excited to wear two hearing aids and even reported hearing sounds differently with the pair. It will take time for Tate to adjust to wearing two hearing aids as the brain needs practice but we are hopeful that her quality of life will improve!

Navigating hearing loss while raising two remarkable children

Meet Kathy, a mother raising two disabled children and also living with hearing loss. She was struggling to hear her children and also found it very challenging to hear other things like the TV as well.

HearAid Foundation recently had the pleasure of giving the gift of hearing to Kathy, who was so grateful. She was fitted by Cheryl Tanita with premium Phonak hearing aids that were also able to be connected to her phone!

Overcoming hearing loss at 11 due to tooth disease

Stacey, a 32 year old, lost her hearing at age 11 from Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease. Stacey has worn hearing aids before but her hearing needs have changed and she needed a pair that would better suit her changing hearing needs.

She reached out to HearAid Foundation and Dr Satara Setzer at Seattle Hearing and Balance Center was able to fit her with a new Phonak set of hearing aids that will provide her with the necessary technology to address her amplification needs.

A 7-year-old's journey with moderate hearing loss & speech development

Addison is one of HearAid Foundation's recent recipients!7 year old, Addison was living with moderate hearing loss that impacted her speech and language development. After the frustration of being rejected from several other programs that helped children with hearing loss get hearing aids, Addison's mother applied to HearAid Foundation.

With little options and the lack of insurance coverage, they could not afford the out-of-pocket expense of hearing aids that will be an ongoing need throughout Addison's life. Addison and her mother are not alone. There are so many children, adults and families that are living with hearing loss that don't have access to hearing aids.

Overcoming isolation with severe sensorineural hearing loss

15 years ago, Parvin, 81, was diagnosed with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss and has since faced a host of challenges, notably isolation and solitude due to communication difficulties. She has never been able to utilize hearing aids due to the expensive cost and lack of insurance coverage.

Observing Parvin's growing sense of exclusion and ongoing struggles in conversations, her son reached out to us at HearAid Foundation. HearAid Foundation is thrilled to give the gift of hearing to Parvin, who was recently fitted with her first ever hearing aids by Jillian at SEA.

Navigating progressive hearing loss & speech recognition challenges

Sylvia has a progressive hearing loss and her hearing has declined within the past two years with significant speech recognition issues in her right ear. She came to us in need of assistance to obtain hearing aids to address her hearing loss and decline in understanding. She was so thrilled to receive hearing aids through HearAid Foundation and Dr. Setzer at Seattle Hearing and Balance Center graciously fit her.

"Thank you for approving me for hearing aids! This is exciting news and I am very grateful to your Foundation. Wow, what a difference it will make in my life to hear well again. I am so appreciative!" - Silvia

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